How to navigate the COVID-19 crisis in the interiors industry

The COVID-19 crisis in the interiors industry has just begun. Let’s be honest here: we’re in for a bit of a bumpy ride.

A drastic drop in sales/clients, disappearing suppliers and being forced to work from home are just some of the initial consequences of the pandemic.

In this blog post, we’ve gathered the best business advice to help those in the interiors industry make it through the COVID-19 crisis. Plus, we have an extra special resource for you at the end.

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COVID-19: the new financial crisis

It’s not fair to discuss COVID-19 as some sort of issue that will vanish in a few months. Unfortunately, the implications are severe across all sectors. Today, it’s a public health emergency. Tomorrow, there will be a recession that will last a decade, according to economic experts.

It’s time to adapt now.

If you survived the 2008 financial crash (as a business or consumer) you can do this too. However, how you do business is likely to change to an extent. Your priorities may have to be reevaluated and your offering is likely to evolve as a result.

You may be worried. We all are.

But when it comes to taking action the time is now. There’s no time to lose. Whether you modify a couple of business processes or completely reinvent yourself, start now.

How to navigate the COVID-19 crisis in the interiors industry

We’ve dug deep to find the best resources to help your home decor and interiors business during these tough times. They’re all under three main subtopics: the impact of COVID-19 in the interiors industry, how to adapt your business to navigate it, and how to use online marketing to boost your visibility.

Note that this is a fast-moving subject and we’ll do our best to keep this post updated. Get in touch if there’s a resource worth adding.

1. Impact of the COVID-19 crisis in the interiors industry

5 Ways coronavirus impacts interior designers (and what to do to get through it)

Interiors marketing expert Fiona Mostyn was one of the first to publish helpful advice. In this blog post, she also discusses how to keep your business trading during the slow down.

“Sales of home decor products will be affected … However, the good news is that there is a precedent in that after recovery from global events that financially affect us, such as 9/11 or the 2008 recession, people spend more on their homes in order to feel safe and nurtured.”

How the coronavirus pandemic is affecting the interior design world

My Domaine published an interesting round-up post featuring architects, interior designers, home decor shop owners and makers. Even though these snippets of wisdom were captured very early during the pandemic, they still share valuable insights from industry pros.

COVID-19: the impact on UK architects and interior designers

ZAC + ZAC sat down with a group of UK-based medium-big architecture and interior design firms. Because of the anonymity of the participants, this Q&A is brutally honest, yet hopeful. The blog post highlights the best bits and you can also read the full-length Q&A.

2. How to adapt your interiors business to navigate the COVID-19 crisis

What you need to know about your interior design business + the recession

Interior designer Alycia Wicker started her eDesign business in the middle of the last recession. Back when eDesign was frowned upon by old school designers. She’s now an expert educator teaching designers how to move their operations online.

Interior design and COVID-19: support your interior design business during this pandemic

Capella Kincheloe is an interior designer turned business mentor. The main message of this blog post is “be proactive”. She shares ideas for your business and guidance on how to make this crisis an opportunity for self-development.

“Create a virtual coaching session for interior design clients. People are home – a lot now – they’ll be wanting to make their space as comfortable as possible. How can you help?”

Tips for architects working at home during COVID-19

Archdaily’s content focuses on architects and designers. However, these fantastic work-from-home tips are helpful to anyone. In particular, those working in teams or small businesses wanting to move to the cloud.

3. How to use online marketing to make it through the COVID-19 crisis

How to build an online audience during a global crisis / What kind of content should you be creating during a global crisis?

Marketing expert Janey Murray released two podcasts to help your business. The first topic focuses on why you need to be more visible online than ever before. The second episode explains how to approach selling your products and services during the crisis.

How to handle your social media during the coronavirus crisis

Wingnut Social shared brilliant social media recommendations (including Twitter’s own Brand communications in time of crisis). They compiled useful content ideas to share with your audience and how to deal with negative comments.

“Provide tips relative to your industry that people can do at home. For example, tell them how to restyle a shelf with the decor they already have or rearrange their plants. Give them fun design tasks to do with their family.”

Marketing your eDesign business during the coronavirus

Another brilliant blog post by Alycia Wicker. This time, she specifically focuses on how to market eDesign services right now. The competition is stronger than ever before, with more designers jumping on the eDesign bandwagon.

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