An interior designer shares the secret to decorating on a small budget

If you are looking to decorate on a small budget you might have found numerous roadblocks on your way: extra tight budget, unexpected costs, limited options in the shops, etc.

What can you do? It’s time to be resourceful. Learn when it’s actually worth splurging, where to shop and how to find the best deals. Always.

In this article, our Expert Guest, Victoria Jackson, will share with you her pro tips to help you decorate on a small budget successfully. And make your dream home a reality (for a fraction of the price).

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Meet our Expert Guest

We had a good time with Victoria Jackson at one of our #interiorschat Twitter chats. “How to decorate on a small budget” was her topic of choice. She’s been there and created a wonderful home for herself and her clients.

Ready to dive deep? Let’s meet Victoria.

Victoria is a multi-award winning content creator and interior designer from the UK. Alongside her design services, Victoria runs the successful home decor blog, Apartment Number 4. And she has recently launched the Manifestation Collective, where she offers her coaching skills.

Discover the secret to decorating on a small budget

Decorating on a tight budget shouldn’t be hard. It’s all about being resourceful and knowing where and how to spend your precious money.

Luckily for you, Victoria shares her top tips and favourite retailers in our Q&A. Don’t miss the last tip, it will probably save you £££s!

What is the single most effective thing you can do to transform a space on a budget?

One thing that can often be missed is hardware, such as light fixtures and fittings. Internal door handles and hinges can be swapped to much chicer ones.

And update a kitchen with clean brass or chrome handles without having to renovate the full space! 

How can someone reduce decorating costs when they have limited DIY skills? 

The phrase beg borrow or steal has never rung truer! And if you don‘t have a friend/relative/hot next-door neighbour that can help, I swear by YouTube tutorials.

I’ve learnt to wallpaper, fix a door handle and… fix my toilet. Who needs a man!

What is the secret to achieving a luxurious look and decorating on a small budget?

Investing in a beautiful scent can change the room completely! @marksandspencer have room sprays that smell amazing!

Also, look for plush fabrics like velvet cushions, reflective surfaces and flowers (@HomesenseUK do brilliant faux flowers if you have pets like me).

How do you decide when to save and when to splurge on a piece of furniture or accessory when decorating on a small budget?

OK, this is an easy one for me. Whatever aids my comfort — bed, mattress, sofa… toilet seat — has the most investment.

You can’t have a beautiful side table and sleep on a rock. Invest in those big purchases and choose more affordable decorative items.

What is your favourite budget-friendly home decor brand or shop?

Right, here we go: @AldiUK, @hm, @HomesenseUK, @Georgeatasda, @sainsburys, @Tesco, @homebargains, B&M, charity shops…

Oh, and @Morrisons homeware is on fire right now. You heard it here first!

Bargain shopping: what are your top tips to get the best deals online and on the high street?

Make sure you sign up to newsletters (have a specific email address for those so they don’t bug you).

Desenio often offers amazing deals to newsletter subscribers, @westelmUK offer 10% off, I think, and so many others do great sign-up deals!

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